Blue That Name

Blue That Name

The basic concept set forth in this chapter is a simple one. When the pot is big, you want to win it right away. To try to win it right away, you should bet and raise as much as possible, hoping to drive everybody out, but at least reducing the opposition. You should bet and raise with the best hand, and you should frequently do the same even with a hand you think maybe second best.


The fewer opponents you have in a pot, the greater your chances of winning it, even if those chances are less than 50 percent; and when the pot gets large, winning it should be your foremost concern. The same principle comes up in hold ’em.


The man to your right bets, putting you in a position to raise immediately to make other people fold. When the pot is large, you should do it with a good hand even if you suspect it might not be the best. Your hand may or may not be the best hand. You don’t think it is, but you are quite sure it is second-best and not much of an underdog. If the man to your right with the comes out betting on fourth street, you should raise to drive the other players out.

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